AngularJS v2.0 and the Impending Schism

published over 3 years agoAug 5th, 2015

updated over 3 years agoSep 18th, 2015

credit: alex-perez-753751-unsplash.jpg

I think we are witnessing the Python 2->3 ‘Conversion’ all over again. AngularJS v2.0 introduces too many changes. Not least of which is TypeScript, which is a big ask amidst the finalization of JS’s latest version: ES6.

Let me say clearly: I love TypeScript. I seccretly wish the TC-39 meetings had produced it… They didn’t. However, They came up with another (totally different), also-awesome spec…

While TypeScript compiles to JavaScript, it doesn’t mean you blindly copy & paste ‘compiled’ TypeScript. It effectively becomes required learning, as to understand annotated AngularJS 2.0 TypeScript.

Now, newbies must climb ‘Mount TypeScript’ before they can even start assembling an Angular app (with some level of understanding).

I have a feeling how this might go…

endless loop

Oh well, I’ll add it to the Newbie training list: somewhere between Basic Shell Usage and Gulp or Grunt? Godsend+Misery!

Anyway, I hope this works out…

everything is going to be ok

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