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Compare NVMe SSD Cloud Options

NVMe SSD Head-to-Head: AWS, DigitalOcean, Packet.net

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Boost Cloud Performance up to 70%

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General notes & sections for select hosting providers below (mid-2017).

Amazon Web Services / EC2 / EBS / S3

TLDR; While AWS usually offers restrictive hardware & intimidating pricing tiers, the i3.large (and larger) hardware is the most efficient in terms of Price vs. I/O Performance, AND is the Fastest in Overall Performance.

EC2 i3.large with a 475GB NVMe SSD typically costs around $110/month! >
An i3.2xlarge with 1.9TB NVMe costs about $450/month * >
> _*USA/2018_

Head to Head

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Note the i3.*xlarge is the only hardware to feature competitively priced NVMe storage (ultra-fast +1GB/s speeds). The major limiting factor I found was the real network speed. Servers with advertised speeds “up to 10/Gb/s” struggled to get close to 1/Gb/s (60-80MB/s).

Network tests used up to 9 additional instances in the same availability zone. Any erroneous data points I replaced with a 0. Additional tests are needed as only 1-2 samples were collected.

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